‘WE ARE ONE VOICE’ a 25 city photographic tour across America to document and celebrate diversity in America which is so important during this election year. I created a large outdoor studio with a 20 man crew and photographed nearly 100 people to show the diversity of our first city, Los Angeles.


With our outdoor digital darkroom on an HP printer we created large 4 foot by 3 foot images that were printed as I shot them for a live exhibit during the day and grew the more I photographed. The exhibit was also seen by thousands the following day on the Venice beach boardwalk. After those two days we had over 1 million impressions as the imagery was shared across thousands of people and reached a total of over 3 million people when we included traditional media.

Documenting the many multitudes of faces of Americans in all their beautiful diversity gives all of us the chance to find ourselves in these faces– to begin to heal society, and American hearts.

in the first two days

On our first shoot in Venice, CA that was sponsored by Blue Microphones , we made videos of each person as well as photographed them to create multimedia engagement across multiple social media platforms. We had amputees, disabled children, deaf families, LBGT community, homeless youth, rich, poor, mixed race, multiple religions but you wouldn’t know it to just look at them and that is exactly the barrier I wanted to break. I wanted to take them out of the box we put each other in take away the labels and show the beautiful faces of the people, the people that make up America for all to admire, accept and celebrate. When people came to look at the photographs they had no other information on the person they only saw their beauty and accepted them for who they were, who they we looking at. A man, a woman, a child, someone smiling, laughing, serious whoever they wanted to be in that very moment. The image below shows that cross section of diversity.

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